When you think of yoga do you imagine people sitting and breathing deeply, and in your mind practically falling asleep? Well, there are many different types of yoga and while a lot of yoga is slow there are also a lot of classes that are upbeat, different and really fun for teens!

Practicing yoga, fast or slow, is like taking a mini vacation from reality – you focus on your body and your breath and you let go of all the stress, frustration and confusion in your life. Yoga can help you come back down to earth when you are feeling lost or disconnected and can also help you tone up!

A few of my favorite fun classes are:

1. Yoga to Hip Hop or Pop Music

Practicing yoga to upbeat music is a great way to get your Om on while listening to some of your favorite songs.

This type of class is at a little bit of a faster pace. There are more dynamic movements to make you sweat. These classes are at normal temperature or can be heated. Make sure you bring a water bottle and get ready to move. You might even sneak in a dance move or two. This is a great class to go to with a friend.

2. Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is one of my favorite fun types of yoga classes! You use a big piece of fabric which is looped and securely attached to the ceiling. The instructor guides you through a sequence using the fabric to assist you.

You end up standing in the loop of the fabric, using it to balance and flip upside down in your inversions. It is a blast and you feel like you are in Cirque Du Soleil. For savasana, the final resting pose, you lay in the fabric as if it were a cocoon. It is extremely relaxing and trust me, you will want to stay in there as long as possible! Aerial yoga is a really fun and different class that allows you to get into fun poses and helps you relax. Definitely try it!

3. Partner Yoga

Partner yoga is a really great way to spend time with a friend or family member.

Your teacher will take you through a yoga sequence where you are doing all of the poses with a partner or taking turns assisting your partner to get deeper into a pose. It is a great way spend time with someone you love while strengthening, toning and getting into shape!

What is your favorite way to change up your exercise routine? Have you ever tried any of these fun yoga classes?

Kendall is a holistic nutrition counselor and yoga instructor who loves everything healthy! Her mission is to help teen girls feel confident and healthy through the tools she provides in her nutrition and yoga classes. Recently Kendall left her full time career to focus on the wellness company she founded and manages, On An Inhale.

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