When people talk about the end of the school year some words that you typically hear are happiness, relief, joy… and nostalgia?

I just finished my junior year of high school last week, and it really hit me that I am finally a senior – I only have one more year of high school left. This really made me think back… I recalled all the fun times I’ve had with friends, the sad times when my friends were there for me as a shoulder to cry on, or when I was the one with the big hug and helpful advice.

It also made me think of the future… What will happen after high school? What will college be like? People try to tell you, but you can never really imagine what it will be like for you. It made me feel old, like one of my grandparents talking about the “good old days”.

It’s amazing though how things change. Back when I was almost a freshman my family packed us up and moved us across the country to Idaho and to me it was a complete tragedy. Then in my junior year we moved again and again I was filled with sadness and frustration. Twelve months later though I now realize how much I’ve truly changed, and more so, how much everyone changes in high school – some people from the better, others for the worse. I realized all of this because of just one event – the end of the school year.

Endings are very powerful things… They cause change, make us realize so much about ourselves and others, and usually allow us to view things differently and gain a new perspective. They allow us to learn from the past and our mistakes and our successes, and we can apply that to the future.

Ending the school year is a huge step for teenagers. It is a measure of growth, maturity, and knowledge. We use these as stepping stones into adulthood. It is the equivalent of measuring our height over the years on a doorframe, but it is for our minds, not our bodies.

The end of the school year really makes you think but it’s also a time for fun. Since school is out we can sleep in all day, stay up all night, go outside and enjoy the warm weather, read or play video games as much as we want, and we don’t have to worry about homework.

It is a time to let go of all of the stress that has built up from 10 months of sitting in class rooms, taking notes, and studying for tests. It’s a time to be frivolous and enjoy our lives. It is also a great time to learn even more about our friends, families, and ourselves.

So while you are riding your bike along the beach or playing soccer with your friends, don’t forget to think back and remember the past, because while we have just completed one thing we are just beginning another.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~e.e. cummings

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Lauren is a high school senior who loves music and acting. She is involved in the drama department at her high school, and also loves choir and debate.  She enjoys singing, reading, writing, and dancing (even though she admits she’s not a very good dancer – but she has fun!). Lauren was delighted when asked to write for BodiMojo because she loves to write and she wants to encourage others to live a healthy life.

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