Teenagers are known for being super busy, distracted, flakey, determined, and idealistic.  That pretty much describes all of us at BodiMojo, too.  And just like studying for the last minute for a test, we are rallying to gather votes for BodiMojo. Yup, if we gather 250 votes by Saturday noon, we are eligible to be considered for a big grant: $250,000. Nice huh?

We have to pull an all nighter.  Can you help us?


Vote for BodiMojo!

It’s pretty simple.  Click on the link, sign in with Facebook, and search for BodiMojo to place your vote.

One thing you can’t see is our actual application so here is an excerpt on what makes us unique:

BodiMojo makes health cool for teens. Instead of the one size-fits-all lecture teenagers typically get, BodiMojo personalizes health and wellness recommendations, tips and reminders based on a teen’s attitude, quirks, and habits. Hey… it’s all about tapping teenagers’ mojo. It’s the only evidence-based integrated health management platform for teenagers accessible via web and wireless devices. We spark optimism and wellbeing. BodiMojo allows teens to share, compare and track health. We tap existing social behavior of teens to promote self-care, confidence and compassion with feedback, recommendations, and rewards.

We’ve spent a lot work in R&D and working with over 1500 teens to deliver relevant content and tools, and with the initial support of research grants from the National Institutes of Health, we’ve proved our concept and had significant impact on body esteem. That’s pretty awesome.

BodiMojo is unique because we’re trying a new way to engage teenagers around their health habits. We don’t preach. We take seriously the health of adolescents and believe that most of healthcare pretty much ignores them. Nearly 80% of teens are unhappy with their bodies; eating disorders, obesity, depression and stress levels are at epidemic levels—yet there is no technology solution available to teens or organizations seeking to alter these disturbing trends. BodiMojo’s mission is to make health relevant to teens and to have a positive impact.

Consider also that today’s teens also have a lot of decision-making power at home, they are technology experts AND they have huge social networks—all of which can inspire confidence and positive changes in their world. BodiMojo meets today’s teen where they are: online and offline. Now we need to get the word out.”

Thank you!


Teen Image Credit: www.123rf.com

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