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Never underestimate the power of a good pair of headphones and a great music playlist when it comes to motivating you to get things done that you may not be very excited to do. Not only do I look forward to listening to my music and getting pumped up for the task at hand, sometimes I feel like I actually need it. Whether it’s early in the morning on the boring bus ride to school, right before a nerve- wracking job interview, or at the beginning of a workout, music is a must.

Research studies have shown that briskly paced music tends to inspire equally briskly paced workouts and that music also can distract and calm nervous competitors before a race or other high-pressure situations, improving their subsequent performance. Have you ever noticed that when you are listening to your favorite artist or band, and you start to really get into the song, you sort of escape reality for a while and enter the world of music? You focus on the sound of the singer’s voice or the echo of the guitar instead of the big game you are about to play or the tense meeting with your boss.

I know personally, this is definitely the case for me. For example, in college, right before I was about to go in and take my final exams, while all my classmates were all huddled together, fiercely reviewing old notes and readings, trying to cram every last bit of information into their already overflowing brains, I would be sitting by myself listening to music, allowing the rhythm and lyrics to calm my nerves and prepare me for the upcoming high- pressure situation. This was a test-taking tactic I started in high school and it totally came in handy in college. I never thought I could be pumped up or excited for an organic chemistry exam until I started that routine of listening to three or four songs from my ‘motivate’ playlist before taking the exam. My musical ritual really paid off because I entered the exam hall with tons of energy, ready to do my best as opposed to nervous and flustered like some of my peers.

Helpful Hint: Update your iPod or Mp3 player. Sometimes, when I haven’t downloaded new music in a while, I find myself listening to the same songs over and over, which becomes boring. I try to update my iPod at least a couple times per month and I have noticed that after downloading a bunch of new music onto my iPod, I am so much more excited to go running or workout because I get to listen to my new songs!

Below is a list of ten songs from my ‘Motivate Me’ Playlist. Check them out if you ever want to shake up your daily routine, get pumped up for a workout or calm your nerves before a big test!

  1. Turn down for what by Lil Jon
  2. Cute without the ‘E’ by Taking back Sunday
  3. Summertime Sadness by Lana del Rey and Cedric Gervais(remix)
  4. Nightcall by Kavinsky
  5. My Moment by DJ Drama ft. 2 Chainz Jeremiah and Meek Mill
  6. Toulouse by Nicky Romero
  7. Dead Wrong Intro by The Notorious BIG and the XX (remix)
  8. Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John
  9. Crave you by Flight Facilities (adventure club remix)
  10. Lightwork ft. Ellie Golding & Bassnectar

For more motivation, check out BodMojo’s Fitness section.

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