By Remy Marin

It might sound contradictory, but as a teen, I find it’s much harder it is to stay healthy during the summer. I rely on dance classes to serve as my central fitness routine, and struggle to find fun alternatives when this activity is out of season.

But this summer, I’m finding that the warm and free summer months are the perfect time to get creative about exercise and in tip-top shape, and I’ve discovered some quick fixes that can easily get any teen back on track.

Start walking and biking rather than driving when you are going around town. Not only is it great exercise, but it also allows you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and save some gas money while you’re at it.

Also, if you work or intern in an office, take a walk around the neighborhood during lunch breaks instead of just checking Facebook. You’ll feel so refreshed when you get back and much more ready for the rest of your day.

There’s no time like the summer to go exploring! On my summer bucket list: kayaking, going for a hike, and hitting the beach a few times (with extra sunscreen!).  Check out local places where you can try out fun outdoors activities like these – they make for both an active summer and an adventurous one, and you’ll be sure to have a blast.

For those super hot days when venturing outside is nearly unbearable, try checking out your nearest YMCA, JCC or Boys and Girls Club. These organizations often offer interesting fitness classes that range from spinning to Zumba to yoga at cheap prices, so grab a few friends and take advantage. It’s much more fun than spending another day sitting around or watching a movie.

There’s nothing better than to cool off with a nice, refreshing smoothie.  But instead of heading over to a fast food chain or piling in ice cream, I’ve found that yummy fresh fruit can make a healthy treat when blended together with natural juice or fat-free yogurt. Have fun experimenting!

So what are you waiting for? Head out for an active and adventurous summer! Most of all, have fun.

Think you don’t have time to exercise? Read BodiMojo’s article on “Excuses, Excuses.”

Remy Martin is interning this summer for a Boston ballet company, while staying fit.

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