The famous Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on February 2, indicating that spring would be arriving early this year! This is good news to all of us that are eager for the snow to melt and the sun to bring warm weather for outdoor activities. But to prepare for such things as spring barbecues, hikes, and afternoons of lounging outdoors, some spring-cleaning is required.

To prepare for spring, it’s key to begin by putting away winter clothes and accessories.  I recommend designating an afternoon to this activity, blast some fun, motivating music, and then treat yourself afterwards with something fun, like hanging out with friends or going to the movie theater. Some things I plan to put away are:

  • puffer vest
  • hats and gloves
  • corduroys
  • snow pants
  • boots
  • wool socks

Put all the items you plan to store away in a safe container, like a large plastic storage bin. These are great for keeping moths and mildew out. If the bin(s) won’t fit in your closet, find a place around the house that you can call your own, like a corner of the attic or basement. My whole family follows this system, so we make sure to color coordinate our bins so we don’t get them mixed up.

As you are gathering your winter things, think about what you used this year. Do you have a hat or scarf that you didn’t wear once and might be able to donate to Goodwill? It’s a great idea to consider donating the not-so-favorite items to other teens who will love them.

Once you’ve put all your winter things away, bring out the warm stuff! Hang up your dresses, stack up your flip-flops, and get excited for spring!

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