Running is perhaps the most universal and accessible sport in existence. It unites people across the world and is an activity millions participate in every day. Running has been around since the beginnings of our species because it is innate to the human body. Your body, mind, and soul all have the potential to benefit from running. It’s health benefits have been proven by doctors and it is widely regarded as an activity that reduces stress and releases endorphins, making you feel happy.

I have never been extremely into sports, but running is my one exception and I do it almost every day  I find it to be both relaxing and energizing at the same time – it is almost therapeutic for me.  I started running in middle school by jogging around my neighborhood when I was feeling down and needed an energy boost. I find it to be especially helpful during stressful times such as exams when I need an escape. It helps to find a workout buddy sometimes, too.

Everyone has their own reason to run, ranging from the simple desire to tone their legs to running for a cause that is dear to their heart. Every week, Dick’s Sporting Goods features a new runner on their site who gives their personal reason for running.  The stories are truly inspiring.  Check out the some runner profile videos here.

Think about what it is that make YOU run and let that inspire you next time your legs are hurting and you’re tempted to end your jog a mile early.  Keep your inspiration in mind and push yourself. You can do it!

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