Teen girls, myself included, know how hard it can be to stay body confident and healthy. With pressures from the media and friends mixing in with our confusion about what makes a balanced diet and good exercise routine, it’s easy to fall under the pressure.

So many girls have stories about their personal struggles with their weight and self-esteem, and those stories often stay hidden. But just like how Mirrorless Mondays tells us to take back our reflections, No Fat Talk Tuesday helps girls everywhere to own their journeys with food and body image, and become healthier overall.

No Fat Talk Tuesday was started by Madison of the blog Espresso and Cream and is all about accepting our body journey so we can become healthier, inside and out.  It began with the “No Fat Talk Pledge,” or the promise she made as part of her New Years resolutions to stop criticizing her body and calling herself fat.

Every Tuesday, Madison features either an article about body image or a guest post from someone who has faced some sort of challenge with their self-esteem, body image, or eating habits. The stories shared are ones in which people talk about what it’s like to be a regular person growing up in a world that pressures you to be skinny, and most importantly, how they overcame it all to become happy.

Every teen girl can relate to that, myself included. Back when I was in pre-school (yes, pre-school!), it started when I couldn’t help but notice that my best friend’s legs were a lot skinnier than mine. Elementary school was filled with embarrassment when I started puberty and started growing a chest before everyone else, and I remember that I refused to wear bikinis for a long time because I was so self-conscious.

Then high school came with so much stress that I started mindlessly snacking on chips and cookies, but that only made me feel even worse about myself. It wasn’t until my the summer before my senior year when I was really able to take a deep breathe, look at myself, and learn to love my body for every curve and jiggle.

And while I’ve cut back on snacking and stay active by dancing or doing yoga regularly, I’ve learned that it’s okay to treat myself to dessert and live a little without resenting myself for having thighs and a butt. I can love my body just like Madison and her guest posters, and so can you.

So let’s stop criticizing ourselves, join the No Fat Talk Pledge, and become confident, accepting teen girls!

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