Each year, I generally celebrate Thanksgiving with the same people; as a tradition, my immediate family and my aunt’s family alternate hosting each year. Thanksgiving of 2010 was held at my house and I had plans to make it a special one.

That year, I was enrolled in a writing class called Talk and Text. Simply put, we analyzed written and spoken words. My assignment was to transcribe and analyze a conversation that I was a part of and Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect occasion to record. I placed a recorder in the center of the table and let it roll during our whole meal, which lasted an hour and a half. Conversation was often split between the eight of us, which made transcribing a challenge, but I have such great memories of listening back to the tape and laughing at things that were so much funnier a second time around.

The coolest thing about Thanksgiving 2010 is that I can hold onto it forever. Not only do I have the 29-page analysis, full of charts and pictures, but I also have the recording in my iTunes library. Occasionally the recording will come on while I’m at the gym- it’s an interesting pump-up song to say the least!

One part of the analysis required noting all the different topics that were discussed during the conversation. You’d be surprised how much you can discuss in an hour and a half! The funniest moment occurred when we were talking about Will and Kate’s royal wedding, my cousin Jamie (a bright, serious guy) blurted out, “Man, I wish I could marry a princess” and the room exploded in laughter! It was a priceless moment, and I have it all on tape.

In the end, it’s not just the fact that I have this meal on tape that makes it my favorite; it’s my favorite because of the memories that I have from it……and the princess quote goes down in my book of funniest moments ever!

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