Many teen girls, myself included, begin their day by rolling out of bed, stumbling into the bathroom, and looking at themselves in the mirror. We stare at our bodies and wonder why we can’t be super-model thin or have long blond hair like our favorite actress or a wardrobe like a Kardashian sister - all the while letting our self-esteem plummet and the negative Nancie’s to take over. In the reflection we criticize, cover up and wish we looked different – the mirror becomes our worst enemy as we constantly pick apart our reflections.

I know I’m not the only one who spends a few minutes each morning wishing that my stomach were flatter and legs were longer. And I certainly can’t count how many times I’ve seen my friends change perfectly good outfits because they hated how they looked in the mirror.

Even when we’ve been working hard on exercising regularly, eating healthy and keeping a balanced lifestyle, it’s so easy to look past our progress and stare at the parts of us that we still don’t like. We can be absolutely ruthless, and honestly having access to mirrors all over the place only makes it worse.

It’s time to give our bodies a break from the judgment… but how? Luckily, blogger/college student/fitness competition contestant Kasey has the answer: Mirrorless Mondays!

The point of Mirrorless Monday isn’t to completely ditch the mirror and walk out the door blindly; Kasey simply believes that girls should use mirrors only to check their hair and clothing, not to criticize themselves. That way, the mirror stops being an enemy and goes back to being just a reflection.

It’s true that following through with Mirrorless Monday can be harder then it seems. Nitpicking what we see in the mirror comes pretty naturally to most of us, and learning to be happy with our bodies is a huge challenge. But it is possible to join Kasey’s challenge, and it only takes three (somewhat) simple steps:

1) Take care of your body.  

We all need to love ourselves as we are, and there’s no better way to show our self-love than to take care of our bodies and health! Eating well and staying active will improve your body and mind so you’ll feel good about yourself inside and out.

2) Focus on the good, not the bad. 

There’s no such thing as the “perfect body,” and we’ll always have things we wish we could change.  But every time you look in the mirror don’t dwell on the body parts you dislike – look at what you do like! As you learn to be more positive about your body, you’ll be able to accept your “flaws” and have a better self-image overall.

3) Smile! 

Smiling brightens up your face and makes your look more warm and welcoming. Smiling also makes you automatically happier, so smiling at your reflection will associate something positive with looking in the mirror, rather than the negative feeling of picking yourself apart.

Mirrors, magazines, society – they are all making us feel inferior and it’s time for the negativity and unhealthy obsession with thinness to come to an end. We are already making strides against PhotoShopping, media’s hold on our self-esteem and we’re even going out baring our souls (and our mid-sections) but come on, we need to own our bodies and stop criticizing our selves! We need to make the effort to stop the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and instead conjure up some awesome confidence and focus on inner beauty.

It’s time to join Kasey’s Mirrorless Monday challenge to take back the mirror and learn to love ourselves, one step at a time.

Remy is a sassy, hard-working girl who has been writing and interning for BodiMojo since it began 4 years ago! She is studying Dance Therapy and English at Skidmore College, but her personal mission to to help every teen de-stress and recognize what truly matters in life rather than getting caught up in the little things. In her free time (if she has any), Remy is the VP of her school’s peer mediation group, loves reorganizing her closet, and has a long list of DIY projects she wants to try.

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