Best selling author, Judy Blume, has always written books teenage girls can relate to and appreciate.  Finally, one of her books is being turned into a feature film, directed by non other than her own son, Lawrence (cool interview).  Tiger Eyes tells the story of 17 year old Davey, a girl who experiences the tragic death of her father and is then relocated to a desolate area of New Mexico with her grieving mother. Davey is lost and confused in her new home – she feels unsure of her identity and her place in the world.  In this harsh time, Davey meets Wolf, a Native American boy who takes her exploring which sparks her passion for life again. The two quickly form a bond and Davey finally feels she has found someone who understands her. Wolf becomes Davey’s light in a time of darkness.  This tale of heartbreak, life, and love is both touching and inspiring.  Girls will feel a connection to Davey and her story. Judy Blume’s gift in her stories: she tugs at the heart of timeless issues among teenagers.

Don’t miss this amazing film starring Willa Holland as Davey in select theaters June 7.  It will appear on In Demand and on DirecTV the same day, and is available for pre-order here.

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