As the semester comes to a close there is one last obstacle separating you from your summer vacation: finals.
Some may consider finals a necessary evil. They may not be the most fun you have ever had, but you always get through them unscathed (mostly). Throughout my years in college I have come up with 5 ways to help me succeed in the final stretch – these tidbits of advice can help you go from crazy and stressed out to rocking out confident and prepared.

5 Ways to Kick Finals’ Butt


1) Make a schedule.

This is the best way to balance your workload. I always try to make this the first thing before I even think about creating study guides or re-reading chapters. It’s a lifesaver. Some people get lucky with their finals by only having 1 or 2 but the more you have, the more a schedule becomes necessary. The great thing about your study schedule is that it doesn’t have to only pertain to studying. You can add in fun study breaks to help you recharge your batteries, like hanging out with friends, going for a walk outside or just enjoying the nice weather.

2) Set small goals for each day.

Be realistic with yourself when you set your goals so you can feel accomplished rather than more frazzled at the end of the day. If you aim to accomplish too much you will inevitably get overwhelmed and feel defeated. Also, you can add your goals to the top of your schedule and make your breaks a reward for fulfilling your goals.

3) Find a good study spot.

This spot can change from day to day but you just want to make sure you realize what environment works best for you. Personally, I work best in an environment that is not too loud but also not completely silent. Then again, it depends what type of work I am doing, which is why it can be helpful to switch locations from day to day. One day you could study in the library, then at a park the next day and finally in your bedroom with headphones on. Whatever helps you focus and concentrate!

4) Make healthy and yummy study snacks.

It’s important to have both savory and sweet snack because you want to have snacks around that will make you feel good and fill you up. I recommend bringing snacks to your study spot so you don’t have to interrupt yourself when you get hungry. Make sure to take breaks for meals though. There is no need to study all day and meals are a perfect way to break up your studying.

Some snack ideas include: bananas, apples, orange slices, nuts, sliced peppers, tortilla chips, carrots, celery with peanut butter and dry cereal.

5) Sleep!

I used to think I didn’t need sleep to function but I quickly realized I was very very wrong. Sleep is absolutely vital, particularly during finals period. Cramming is a common practice in studying but if you start studying early and get more sleep, you will do better in the end. Not much else to say about this but I promise nothing bad will ever come from committing to a good night’s sleep.

Most importantly, remember that no matter what, you will get through all your finals and you will reach the other side. Don’t be afraid to use your resources and find camaraderie as everyone else is going through the same frustrations and worries. Hopefully these tips will make for an easier and less stressful finals period. Good luck!

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