Every once in a while we like to get several perspectives on a topic. Since it’s that time of year, we were curious about high school midterm exams.  So we asked two freshmen students, Sabrina and Nolan, who just figuring out their way. Here’s what they have to say.  Notice what’s similar and what’s different!

Ask A Girl: Sabrina

Midterms can be very stressful for some people, and can be a breeze for others. I think the easiest way to approach the “big scary tests” is to:

  1. Review, review, review! Going over notes, tests, quizzes, worksheets, and homework is a good way to relearn the information.
  2. Go talk to a teacher! You should not be afraid to ask your teachers questions, even if it might seem like a silly one. Go over tests and quizzes to make sure you understand the information completely. You can really benefit from extra help, and the teacher is there to only make you more comfortable with the material.
  3. Study groups! Plan to study with one or a group of friends for a test. Go over your notes together and ask each other questions you think might be asked.
  4. Create a study guide! Make a study guide yourself. Write down any questions, notes, and information you think is important.
  5. Review with someone at home! Have your mom, dad, brother, sister, neighbor, or guardian quiz you using the study guide you created.
  6. Study! When you’re at breakfast, in between classes, or sitting around take out your notes and mentally quiz yourself.
  7. Get plenty of sleep! Being well rested is key to giving 100%. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep so that you are ready to try your hardest.
  8. Have healthy meals! Being healthy is important to being ready to conquer the tests. Having a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner helps your brain stay strong and healthy for the exams.

Following these steps will help to make studying better and hopefully easier for everyone. Midterms are an important part of our grades and preparing for them is just as important as taking the exam itself. Being mentally and physically prepared is extremely important for anything you do!

Sabrina is in 9th grade. She love reading, listening to music, drawing, running, and spending time with family and friends.

Ask A Guy: Nolan

I’m about  to take mid-term exams. Many people are telling me what the best ways to study are.  I have discovered that the best techniques are as follows from least effective to most:

1. Review your notes and highlight things that are important

This works for some people but is mainly ineffective except in large amounts. It is good for reviewing what you have just learned, but for studying for a larger test, I don’t advise it. This helps you grasp the topic and open yourself up to more information, but it rarely cements itself in your brain.

2. Review on your own time with a teacher or tutor

The people who can help you succeed are the ones who have the best understanding of it. When you go to extra help, you might also learn extra tips or hints on how to do problems differently or hints on what might be on the test. Knowing the essay topic before the test is very handy and will help ensure success.

3. Practice Problems or Questions

Repetition, repetition, repetition is the key to memorization. One effective way to succeed on a test is to practice what is to be on the test. Ask your teacher what problems might be good to practice. If you understand the concept, even harder questions that stump everybody can be figured out if you understand the basis of the problem.

4. Study Group with Friends

Many people say that studying with friends distracts them, but if you choose the right friends to study with and hang out with them after, it can be a very effective means. You can help your friends and they can help you. It is better than studying with a group of strangers and you don’t want to talk to any of them.

5. Quizzing yourself with flashcards

This method has always helped me ace tests, no matter what subject. The repetition gets me to remember it and they are easy to make. You can take them anywhere and study any time of the day. It is quick and easy to use and they never get over complicated and are simple to understand.

Nolan is a 9th grader figuring out the best way to study for exams.

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