I love winter because it’s a time for cozy sweaters, peppermint hot chocolate, and lazy days. Who wants to go marching outside in the cold, anyways? But, despite my reluctance to get out, I understand that it’s important to stay motivated to do things like exercise.

The key to staying motivated is creating a goal for yourself, this way you are constantly working towards something. If you accomplish your goal early, like being able to run a 5k, don’t stop there! Set another goal and try to get to that one even faster.

You can also create goals with friends. This way you can motivate each other along the way. And it makes exercising so much more fun.

I recently joined a gym and I love the convenience of it. But, if you don’t have access to a gym, there are still a variety of ways you can exercise. If you are adventurous, invest in some warm exercise gear and get outside to run, walk, ski or hike. In my experience, headbands, gloves and spandex are must-haves. If going outside in the cold is not your thing, you can exercise inside! There are so many different workout programs on TV and DVD. You might need to invest in a medicine ball and some weights to get going, but, there are always things you can find around the house that make good alternatives.

No matter what your goal is, pencil it into your schedule. All you need is 30 minutes to an hour to get in a good workout. So get out there, get moving, and have some fun this winter! (Don’t forget to drink lots of hot chocolate and wear cute sweaters also!)

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