By Erin Madore

In 1912 women weren’t able to vote, they couldn’t own property and a professional career was out of the question yet this was the year when a ground breaking organization was created to give young women the room to grow and learn.

The Girls Scouts of the USA was founded on March 12, 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low, who aimed to make a difference in the lives of 18 young women in Savannah, Ga. The group was meant to challenge and inspire the girls and help them develop confidence, independence, resourcefulness and most of all leadership. The first Girl Scouts were encouraged to think beyond the home and to imagine future careers in sciences and business.

It’s crazy to think that eight years before women had the right to vote, Low was imagining a future where bright and skillful young women had a chance to shine and that she had enough courage to push forward with her dreams when the rest of society thought women were only meant to raise children and care for their husbands. Can you imagine living a life that is only meant to serve others? Can you imagine not having the ability, the options to go to college and chase after your dreams? Can you imagine not even having dreams because you didn’t know they were possible?

The Girls Scouts helped pave the way for young women across the world to dream BIG by instilling the seeds of leadership and self-reliance when motherhood and childhood were the only options. Since its inception the movement has spread throughout the world and presently there are over 3.2 million members and there are 59 million women that have been involved with the Girl Scouts at some point in their lives.

The Girl Scout’s 100 year anniversary is monumental as it gives women across the world a moment to pause and reflect on how far the Girl Scouts and women everywhere have come over the last century. Today as a Girl Scout you’re encouraged to earn badges like Computer Expert, Detective, Money Manager, Car Care and many others that are useful in today’s society but still stay true to their original mission: “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.”

This year is so huge that the Girl Scouts have declared this year as the Year of the Girl - a year where the spot light is shone on the empowered young women of the world that are making a difference every day in every community. The organization has even launched a new campaign, To Get Her There, to bring more awareness to the importance of equality throughout all of society because we as women are ready for more challenges, more opportunities, more possibilities and more responsibility.

Young women are no longer forced down paths, they are independent free-thinking human beings that are talented and skillful. Young women are the leaders of tomorrow and a great deal of that is thanks to the Girl Scouts of the USA. So thank you, Juliette Gordon Low, for believing in yourself, your mission and the girls of the world and happy 100th anniversary to the organization that has helped us get to where we are today.

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Erin Madore is a free-spirit health nut aiming to empower people of all ages through mindfulness, healthy habits and embracing all of life. With a degree in Communication Studies from Bryant University and a love for yoga, running and holistic health you can follow her many adventures on her blog,

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