Let me be honest: I’m one of those people that has never done drugs. I’ve never tried ecstasy, prescription drugs, cocaine or any other type of illegal substance. It’s not because I wasn’t asked or given the opportunity, it was more of a personal choice. I was always pretty happy without the drugs that I didn’t really see the point to them. And on top of that I was always concerned about my health. I mean, if I wasn’t going to eat a donut out of fear of gaining a pound, why would I pop some random pills that could do a lot worse to me??

It’s not that my life has always been perfect, it’s just that there was always a voice in my head saying no. I’ve definitely had moments where I felt so stressed that smoking pot sounded good. There were other times that trying E actually seemed kinda cool. Other times I just wanted to find a way to escape life; but I never took that initial step.

But then, a few months ago my cousin’s five year-old daughter died and her death rocked my world. Suddenly I realized why people drank all day or turned to drugs. They just wanted to numb the pain just like I did. And the pain could be from anything – from having their heart broken by a boyfriend or girlfriend, losing a loved one, getting fired, feeling completely out of control or even just feeling sad and lonely for no apparent reason.

What I’m trying to say is that for the first time in my life I actually questioned drinking in the middle of the day and even using pain killers to help me relax. I won’t lie, it was a dark time in my life and I still struggle with the loss everyday (even writing this hurts) BUT I’ve never taken that step and looked to drugs. I’ve always found another way to release the pain and find balance for my mind and heart again.

What about you? Have you ever been so stressed that you thought about popping a pill? Or so tired that you were thinking about taking drugs to stay alert and finish a paper? Or just plain curious about the “magical” qualities of pills? If you’re shaking your head yes, you’re not alone. A lot of people think about drugs and even try them, and at some point all of them realize that they don’t help.

I know there are dozens of reasons teens use drugs but the one thing each of them have in common is that it’s considered the best or easiest alternative to whatever they’re feeling or dealing with at the moment. Right?

But it’s not true. Drugs are definitely not the way to feel better. There are millions of other ways to deal with the pain, confusion, frustration, loss, grief, anger and anxiety that you may be feeling.

Drugs never help any situation. They might make you feel less sad for a moment but once they wear off you actually feel worse. And that’s my point: yea, sometimes life can seem so crappy that you turn to drugs for relief but what you’ll find out is that they only make matters worse.

Wondering how I dealt with the crushing pain and sadness I felt when I lost my cousin? I talked to my friends, I opened up about my feelings, I ran, I took up boxing where I could literally hit something and release my anger, I wrote about it and above all I didn’t hide my grief.

The best way you can deal with what you’re struggling with is to let it out – talk about it and then do something about it. Drugs won’t solve your problems but talking to your friends and asking for help will – I know that from experience.

Positive Affirmation to move past emotional road-blocks:

I find productive ways to deal with anxiety and stress.

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Erin Madore is a free-spirit health nut aiming to empower people of all ages through mindfulness, healthy habits and embracing all of life. With a degree in Communication Studies from Bryant University and a love for yoga, running and holistic health you can follow her many adventures on her blog, www.CreativeSoulinMotion.com.

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