The other day as I was going for my usual run along the Boston Harbor, I realized I was getting a little tired of my running path.  I brainstormed  new routes but was struck by inspiration when I thought, ‘why don’t I try a new workoutswim entirely?’.  I did some googling and located a mixed martial arts class. I have to admit, I was inspired by a commercial that shows a girl in a kickboxing class.  It seems like the perfect post-work or class activity to release some stress. I enlisted the company of one of my good friends and signed up for a mixed martial arts class at a gym specifically for these sorts of activities.  The gym is compete with authentic punching bags and boxing equipment, and hopefully some cute boys!

I think the key to getting a good workout is making sure you don’t get bored of your current method.  Switching up  your workout routine not only keeps you mentally engaged and interested but works different muscle groups, resulting in a better workout overall.  When your body gets accustomed to one type of workout, you stop seeing as many benefits because you aren’t challenging your muscles.  Some other fun workout ideas are swimming, a dance class (salsa lessons sound fun!), hiking, or yoga. Sign up for classes with friends to make it even more fun.  A hike can be the perfect time to catch up on gossip and a dance class is a fun bonding activity.

I am excited to try my new workout for the good it will do both my mind and body.  Trying new things is fun, and if you don’t end up enjoying your new workout, just switch it up again! I’ll write a follow up post after my first mixed martial arts class and give a review of how it went.  Stay tuned!

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