Running Is More Than Staying in Shape

Track and field is a great way to stay in shape and have fun with friends and classmates. A reader tells us all about the sport and why she loves it.


Ask A Girl: My Secret to Surviving Freshman Year

Surviving freshman year of high school can be a challenge for teenagers. At the half way mark Sophie shares how time management is key to keeping up with school grades, sports, and friends.


Staying On Top of Your Game

When you become passionate about something, you want to give it your all, but that can be difficult at times. Our teen contributor, Grace, shares with us how she stays motivated on the tennis court.


Two Simple Strategies to Stay in Shape

Not all teens play sports, so getting in exercise can be a challenge. Not for this teen girl: Taylor shares two simple strategies for staying in shape and loving every minute of it.


10 Ways to Brighten Your Day

Can a teenager’s life ever be in balance? This teen girl has come up with 10 ways to brighten up a day and have a positive attitude.


Ask A Girl (and A Guy): Studying for Exams

It’s that time of year for midterm exams. BodiMojo asks a girl and a guy how they deal with test taking in freshman year of high school. Notice any similarities? Differences?


What's it like when Aly Raisman is from your Gym?

Imagine being an aspiring young gymnast. What might it be like to train at the same gym as Olympian Aly Raisman? Annie asks a girl. Check out the video.


Always Able to Rely on Mom

By: Remy Marin When I was younger, I would often turn to my mother for help.  Whether I was struggling with an essay or a conflict with friends she was always there to give me advice and help me along the way. By the time I reached my last two years of high school though I became a little concerned by how much I relied on my mother. Sure, I was a relatively [...]


3 College Questions Answered

By Ziv Cohen For many teens, the transition from high school to college can be a daunting one; with college comes a new host of expectations and high school seniors are expected to rise to the occasion. At first I thought that sending my enrollment deposit meant the end of the college process. Far from it. Currently my to do list includes: signing up for new student orientation and taking online course [...]


College Decision Time: Dealing with Acceptances & Rejections

By Ziv C. It’s that time of year when high school seniors rush to the mailbox in anticipation of mail. Or nowadays, e-mail.  It’s the season of college decisions, and one click or ripped open envelope can cause a flood of emotions to break loose. Everyone’s heard the old standby that a big envelope is a ticket in, while a thin envelope is a door shut. Accepted to your top [...]


'The Hunger Games' – Let Them Begin, Says This Teen

By Ziv C. The current buzz among my friends and I this weekend is “The Hunger Games,” the much-talked about sci-fi, action-adventure flick for girls. The movie’s post-apocalyptic world features love throbs Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson and is based on the first book in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Last night, my friends went to the midnight premiere wearing custom Hunger Games T-shirts they had made. The [...]


Here Comes Swimsuit Season for Teens

By Ziv C. Though the weather may not seem like it, spring – and swimsuit season (yikes!) – is just around the corner. If you’re a teen like me, finding the perfect swimsuit can be a hassle at best – and a struggle at worst. Why is it that under the cold fluorescent light of the dressing room, your skin looks even more pale from a season of staying inside, [...]


Heart Throbs for Healthy Teens

By Teen Contributor, Ziv C. Last week the thought of Valentine’s Day, love, and sweethearts may have been top of mind to many. But this month is also a chance to celebrate another type of heart throb—the one that keeps you moving. February is American Heart Month, making it a good time to think about heart health — yours and your family members. Why should teens care?  Well, cardiovascular disease is [...]


Musing About 'The One That Got Away'

By Sydney Abrams Have you heard that new Katy Perry song, “The One That Got Away?” It’s going through my head right. Do you have a guy or girl who you think “got away?” Many of us dwell on “The One” or other things from the past, thinking that it is more important than right now. As teenagers, it can be tough to figure out our emotions. We struggle with [...]


Teens: Should You Ask Your Crush to Go Out?

By Sydney Abrams OK, as a teenage girl, I’d like to weigh in with my opinion about that big question that sometimes weighs on our minds: Should I ask my crush to go out? In my opinion, the answer to this question is: Yes! Asking a guy out is about trusting yourself and your instincts. If you feel like it’s good timing, trust that because it’s probably true. Live in [...]


Teens Can Ward Off Winter Blues

By Dan Meltzer It’s winter now, and for many teens, that means colder weather and a whole lot less sunshine. Going to college in rural Ohio, I often envy those further South, where it stays warm and nice all year. The deep freeze and darkened sky can take a toll on many of us. I’m sure you have heard of the winter blues, when teenagers (and others) can get sad [...]


Teens Chill Out During Holiday Break

By Dan Melzer When teens are on holiday break, it can be really easy to relax, gourge on good food, and do a whole lot of nothing. While doing these things can be a wonderful way to unwind, it’s still important to stay healthy and active during this time. As an active teenager myself, want to tell you about some things that you can do to exercise and keep your [...]


Teen's Bubble of Invincibility Bursts

By Dan Melzer After having been involved in athletics for over a decade, I was recently told that I can no longer play team sports due to a series of concussions that I have sustained over the past two years from playing contact sports. Still being a kid and realizing that I can’t physically do I want to be doing has been a sobering thought for me, and has made [...]


Forget the Teen Jealousy; Focus on Self-Confidence

By Sydney Abrams Do you have that teenage friend that seems to have the perfect hair? Perfect clothes? Perfect friends? Perfect life? Perfect everything? I’ve grown up with that kind of teen—it’s a girlfriend that I’ve known all my life. It’s been challenging to face her when it seems like the odds are always stacked in her favor. Luckily, as I’ve become older, I’ve learned a few helpful tricks to [...]


Teen Angst: Dealing with Confidence Erosion

By Sydney Abrams Do these sound like typical teenage worries? How can I reduce my blemishes in this photo? Is my hair too frizzy? Will people think I’m weird for being in a picture with these people? Most teens admit they have asked themselves similar body image questions when using social networks such as FaceBook. As a teenager, it’s easy to think that people are constantly judging us on our [...]


There's No "Supplement" For Healthy Eating for Teens

By Daniel Melzer As a high-performing student and athlete who competed in many different sports such as lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, football, and crew, I take several vitamins and, I confess, have used many workout-maximizing powders in the past. But I know now it’s important to know what one is putting into your body. In middle school and high school, it’s hard to be secure about your body – and most [...]


Cooking Stirs Up Teen's Creative Juices

EDITOR’S NOTE: Meet our new guest blogger, Dan Melzer, 18, an English & Neuroscience double major at Oberlin College year old college student and a social media and PR researcher for Seattle Children’s Hospital. An athlete who competes in many different sports such as lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, football, and crew, Dan said, “I feel I have a lot of valuable information that I want to share with my peers. The [...]


My Teen Bucket List for Summer: Stay Healthy and Fit

By Remy Marin It might sound contradictory, but as a teen, I find it’s much harder it is to stay healthy during the summer. I rely on dance classes to serve as my central fitness routine, and struggle to find fun alternatives when this activity is out of season. But this summer, I’m finding that the warm and free summer months are the perfect time to get creative about exercise [...]


One Teen Tells Why She Loves Dance, Dance, Dance

By Remy Marin I have been dancing my entire life.  Along with being something I love and an emotional outlet, dance is a way for my non-athletic self to get some exercise. Dance has become more popular lately both as art and, most recently, as a form of exercise.  Following the popular “Dancing With the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”, the new show “Dance Your A** Off” [...]


Foreign Languages Open the World for Teenagers

By Remy Marin Whenever a foreign exchange student comes to my high school, I’m amazed by how well they are able to speak English.  They can carry on entire conversations without batting an eyelash, asking me to slow down (and trust me, I speak quickly), or asking for an explanation of some obscure or slang term I’m using. In the U.S., with budget restraints, many foreign language programs have been [...]


The Drama of Prom Causes Teen Drama – or 'Prama'

By Remy Marin As a teenager, I know that one of the best parts of high school is the fateful, famous, much-anticipated event known as Prom. It’s meant to be the night of fun and celebration. But I’ve found it can bring along a sensation even worse than senioritis.  That sensation is known as Prom Drama, or “Prama.” We’ve all seen the hands of Prama at work, and this year’s [...]


Walk for Hunger: Why One Teen Steps Forward

By Sara Mael Every year, the first Sunday of May, I participate in the Walk for Hunger in Boston. This walk raises money to feed hungry people in Massachusetts. It’s 20 miles long and a lot of fun! I’m the team leader of my team, Team Awesome (original, right?), and I plan to walk all 20 miles. This year is my sixth walk. The first year, I only walked 8 [...]


Cooking Fires Up This Teen

By Sara Mael     What drives our Teen Tech Advisors team? You heard from Steffen Holm, 15, of La Jolla, Calif., and his passion for health and fitness, combined with technology. Now it’s eight-grader Sara Mael’s turn, another one of BodiMojo’s teen tech advisors. Mael tells what inspires her lately: cooking and trying new recipes. Teens in the kitchen . . . yeah, that’s a scary thought. Does that [...]


Yoga for Teens: Not a Far Stretch

By Remy Marin An old man with a short beard meditates in front of a tree.  Middle-aged women in Lululemon track suits and bend to the sound of rushing water.  Newlyweds lie on the floor and try to contortion their bodies into odd poses. These are the images that usually come to a teen’s mind when someone mentions the word “yoga.”  But as a high school kid trying to balance [...]


Over-the-top PDA: Keep Public Displays of Affection for Private Time Please, Teen Says

By Remy Marin As a teenage girl, I’m usually a rather affectionate person.  I fully believe hugs are the remedy for everything, I love cuddling, and it warms my heart to see lovebirds holding hands at the restaurant table next to me. Recently, however, I’ve noticed that many high school teenage couples are taking the PDA thing a little far.  For example, let’s walk through a typical day at school: [...]