It can be hard to focus on your math homework when you’d rather be laying by the pool with friends. One of our high school readers gives us her take on distractions.texting girls


There are many distractions when you are trying to get your homework done. Personally, my distractions would be websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. A good way to stay away from these things when you’re doing your homework is turning your phone off.. Anything that makes you distracted while you’re doing your homework should be kept it in another room.

One of my friends claims her main distractions is also her phone. When I asked her what she did to stay focused on her work, she told me that she kept her phone on her desk and after every subject of homework she finished, and she would go on her phone for about 10 minutes and then go back to her homework. This is a good way to deal with the distractions because the reward will motivate you to focus.  However, it could also be hard to put the phone back down if you are texting one of your friends.

It is not good to be on your phone 24/7. It can be addicting and your time would be better spent doing something productive, like exercising or reading. Developing good habits regarding phone-usage may help. If you are on your phone less during the day or when you are doing activities with family and friends, than it might be less of a struggle when you are trying to get your homework done on a school night. I have been trying to stay off my phone more and more each day. It is really helping me stay focused on my work. Think about what distracts you then brainstorm strategies to help you focus.

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