By: Remy Marin

When I was younger, I would often turn to my mother for help.  Whether I was struggling with an essay or a conflict with friends she was always there to give me advice and help me along the way.

By the time I reached my last two years of high school though I became a little concerned by how much I relied on my mother. Sure, I was a relatively independent person and could pretty much solve my own problems, but it seemed like I always needed her as a shoulder to cry on or someone to whom I could vent.

When I told my mother about my concern, she said that it was perfectly natural to depend on her. In fact, she said that she still sometimes felt like she needed her own mom for help and guidance her, even though she has a home and family of her own.

Though that seemed like a nice sentiment, I couldn’t imagine that I would always need my mom. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mother. For my entire life she has been a role model, a support system, and a great source of love in my life.  Though we bicker and sometimes butt heads my mother and I have always been incredibly close. She helped me pull through my high school years even when I thought I’d crack under the pressure, and encouraged me to always do what made me happy and be the best I could be.

But surely I’d eventually be able to grow up and function on my own sooner or later… Right?

It wasn’t until entering college this past year that I actually started to realize just how important my mother was to me. The years of being taught to keep a clean room, manage my time and maturely handle difficult situations translated into a smooth transition to an independent college life. Even though my mom wasn’t there to remind me of my chores or wake me up for class, she had instilled these habits and beliefs in my head so that I could thrive and succeed on my own.

Regardless of the fact that I’ve been living away from home and managing my own life for the past year, I still sometimes feel like I need my mom. If I’m nervous about a paper I’m turning in, I send it to her to edit for me. When I’m stressed or conflicted, I call her to help guide me through. When I feel lonely or even a little homesick, I call her just to hear the sound of her voice and her high heels smacking around the kitchen. When I came down with bronchitis in the middle of the year, all I wanted was for her to come make me soup and take care of me. I may be a college girl now, but at the end of the day I’d be lost without my mom beside me.

The funny part is, as I’ve grown up I’ve become more and more like my mother. I’ve developed her organizational skills, picked up some of her little habits and catchphrases, and have taken on the lessons she’s taught me on how to live happily and successfully on my own. Even though I’m grown into an independent women with lots of her traits and beliefs I will always need my mommy.

No matter my age or where my life takes me I will always have my mother there to provide the support, love and guidance that helps me be a better person, and for that I am beyond thankful.

So, happy mother’s day mom – I love you and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

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