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The Daily Mojo is an online magazine designed to inspire teen girls to embrace their unique strengths, quirks, and opinions. We deliver good news and empowering stories by and about young women. Our mission is to:

Inspire positive body-image (aka boditude) - we want you to love and appreciate your mind, body and spirit and provide you with tools to embrace your whole self

Promote self-confidence – you are stronger and more capable then you think; we want to show you how to tap into your inner mojo

Build self-esteem - we want you to accept your authentically beautiful self, no cover-up necessary

Inspire self-expression – we know what it’s like to feel confused and frustrated and this community is all about sharing your experiences and learning from one another

Strengthen inner-beautyyou’re so much more than your jean size and we are here to remind you of that every single day

BodiMojo’s Daily Mojo is a companion to BodiMojo, an online lifestyle program just for teens with helpful tools, fun quizzes and mood sharing apps. We’ve learned from BodiMojo girls that to care, compare and share is core to who they are. The Daily Mojo’s mission is to do just that: empower, motivate and support teen girls through inspirational stories.

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We believe every body is unique. Every body is different, and every body has mojo. BodiMojo.