Ever wonder how other teens keep things on the bright side? All this talk of life balance that adults might fuss over may mean little to a teenager who is just trying manage high school, homework and friends. Here’s one teen girl’s take on making the most out of a day.

Jackie, 15

I live a pretty busy life. So far as a freshman in high school I enjoy most of my classes. I keep my grades up. I also play soccer as a center and have been playing since I was 5 years old. I’m pretty optimistic. Here are some things I’ve learned to make the most of each day and figure it’s probably good advice for most teens.

Create a positive space in your room

1. Organize. By organizing your clutter, you will have a better sense of what you have to get done! A clean room  helps you have a clear mind.
2. Make your bed. By making your bed it will make your room a tidier, more enjoyable place! (And it may keep your mom off your case.)
3. Plug-out. Turn off all your electronics at the end of the day to calm your mind, eyes, and body! Those brain cells need a rest and it takes a while for the mind to shut down after looking at screens.
4. Listen to Music. Music will take your mind off things for a while and help you relax!
5. Have flowers. Flowers are beautiful and smell good, too. Just by looking a fresh flowers can lower your stress level! If that’s not possible have a fresh scent, like lavender, in a sachet or spray.

Treat your mind/body with kindness

6. Eat Healthy. Not only will a healthy diet give you a leaner body, it will make you feel physically and mentally better.
7. Stretch out. Stretching out will loosen the tight muscles you have!
8. Meditate. Meditating daily will clear your mind of all bad thoughts and will help you relax for a couple minutes! It’s easy to do, too.
9. Write your thoughts down. Instead of keeping all your thoughts inside, write them down into a journal and do away with those bad thoughts! Add in 1-3 things you are grateful for (even the tiny things).
10. Decide on your priorities. Make a to-do list with the things you can do in the short term and things you’d like to do over time. Check off your accomplishments as you go. Little by little you can see what you’ve done! Also, it will help you decide what it really important in your life, so the little hassles won’t stress you out!

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Jackie likes to write short, bubbly stories. The most valuable thing to her is Ollie, her dog. If she could live anywhere in the world it would probably be Australia since she love animals and Australia is filled with all types of exotic animals!

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