A Group’s Gift of Gratitude

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Many people create resolutions and set goals at the beginning of every new year. Striving to better yourself every day is an admirable yet potentially daunting task, but you can start by simply expressing more gratitude. Your happiness can depend on it! Studies from Harvard University illustrate the importance of showing gratitude. They found that giving thanks actually correlates […]

Tech Check Out

Teen Brain on Social Media

Today’s technologies allow parents and teens to stay in constant connection. Don’t need a ride home anymore? Send a quick text. Need directions, advice, or someone to hear you out? Give a call. Whether they are living in the same house or different countries, parents and teens can see each other instantaneously though Skype and FaceTime. […]

Staying Injury-Free: How Teen Athletes Can Avoid Injury

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By Daniel Melzer, Oberlin college graduate, interested in English & Neuroscience. Teens know that exercise is really important in order to stay healthy. But as a teenager, it can be confusing to know how to exercise safely and avoid injury, especially while during sports. In middle school and high school, as a teen athlete, I got all sorts of conflicting information from many different sources including […]

Family Meals May Provide Long-Term Benefits For Teens

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Don’t let Thanksgiving dinner be the only meal your whole family spends together. We know that parents and teens are busier than ever. Between school, work, sports, college prep, and social activities, our to-do lists never end. On top of this, when families do get a chance to spend time together, texts, tweets, emails, and Instagrams often […]

Bullying Prevention Month

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If you are a teen, parent of a teen, or someone who works with teens, now is an especially important time of year to have a chat about a difficult topic:  bullying. While October may bring to mind all things fall, like apple picking, hay rides, and Halloween, it is also designated as Bullying Prevention […]

Mental Illness Awareness Week

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At BodiMojo, we support teens’ emotional intelligence,  confidence, and empowerment. We know that teens have amazing potential: they’ve got grit and they’re resilient. But sometimes life gets in the way, and teens can’t bounce back as easily. While bouts of sadness, moodiness, and difficulty concentrating are a normal part of life, extended episodes may be […]

Harry Potter Books Help Children with Empathy and Tolerance


High school has just started and my youngest daughter, 14, is a newly minted freshman. She came home the other day and said “I wish I could just apperate!” Who can’t relate? Thanks to the Harry Potter series, our family enjoys the vocabulary of Harry and his pals at Hogwarts. What kid doesn’t want to […]

Why Mindfulness Matters

Teen practicing mindfulness

It’s time to stop devoting so much attention to what’s going on out there and start tuning inward. As a mom of two teen girls, a clinical psychologist, and a self-esteem coach, BodiMojo CEO and founder Tara Cousineau knows first-hand how practicing mindfulness and meditation can help teens deal with day-to-day life and build coping skills to […]

Gaming to the Extreme: You Can Get ‘Addicted’

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By Kendall Stewart, an Emerson College Graduate interested in writing, literature and publishing. We all know that guy—the one who never leaves his dark bedroom, lit only by the blue glow from his computer screen. He is a gamer. Rather than exist in everyday society, he opts to stay in the realm of the Role […]