A Lesson in Mindfulness from Children

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  As a parent, clinician, and founder of BodiMojo, nothing makes me more happy than seeing children who know so much more than we ever give them credit for.  This short film by the Salzmans on breathing and mindfulness from the point of view of children tells a BIG story in just a little bit of time. […]

A New Take on Feminism and Masculinity

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We’ve come a long way as a society. Women, once not granted the right to vote, are now political, business, and philanthropic leaders. More and more men, once assumed to be the breadwinners of the family are becoming stay-at-home dads. And when it comes to doing things like a girl, we know that we’ve got to “rewrite some rules.” The […]

Stay Weird, Stay Different

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We love when celebrities and role models use their spotlight to spread a positive message, highlight an important issue, or shed light on a difficult topic. In this year’s Oscar acceptance speech for best adapted screenplay for “The Imitation Game,” screenwriter Graham Moore used his thirty-seconds of fame to share his personal struggle with depression: “When I […]

What You Don’t Know About Eating Disorders

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In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#NEDAWeek2015), our thoughts are with those who have ever struggled with disordered eating behaviors, as well as their families and friends. Like most health conditions, eating disorders conjure a “typical image.” For instance, one might picture a teenage girl, emaciated and frail. While this stereotype is pervasive for a reason (the […]

RAK Up The Good Deeds

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While your New Years resolutions of doing more for others may seem a bit stale, there’s another reason to bust out the good deeds: Random Acts of Kindness Week! We love initiatives that remind us to be kind to others (and ourselves!).  #RAKWeek is a great time to practice impromptu gestures of kindness, from helping a neighbor shovel […]

Stop and Smell the Roses: Mindfulness Tips

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When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses? Saw them bask in the sun? Touched their velvety petals? Listened to them ripple in the wind? Taste doesn’t really apply here, but you get the idea. While we New Englanders recover from another round of snow and remain somewhat cooped up, we could use […]

A Group Gift of Gratitude

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Many people create resolutions and set goals at the beginning of every new year. Striving to better yourself every day is an admirable yet potentially daunting task, but you can start by simply expressing more gratitude. Your happiness can depend on it! Studies from Harvard University illustrate the importance of showing gratitude. They found that giving thanks actually correlates […]

Going Screen-Free

Teen Brain on Social Media

Today’s technologies allow parents and teens to stay in constant connection. Don’t need a ride home anymore? Send a quick text. Need directions, advice, or someone to hear you out? Give a call. Whether they are living in the same house or different countries, parents and teens can see each other instantaneously though Skype and FaceTime. […]

Staying Injury-Free: How Teen Athletes Can Avoid Injury

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By Daniel Melzer, Oberlin college graduate, interested in English & Neuroscience. Teens know that exercise is really important in order to stay healthy. But as a teenager, it can be confusing to know how to exercise safely and avoid injury, especially while during sports. In middle school and high school, as a teen athlete, I got all sorts of conflicting information from many different sources including […]