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BodiMojo creates innovative technology solutions for health organizations and brands to connect with teens through both head and heart. By focusing on emotional intelligence and stress management, we help teens grow into wholehearted adults and inspired leaders.

The BodiMojo app delivers a virtual buddy who helps teens take little steps that can have a big impact on health – just at the very phase in life when their brains are remodeling, their bodies are changing and they are laying the foundations for life-long health habits. For teens who experience stress or other health challenges, the BodiMojo virtual coach provides a confidential way to stay in tune with body and mind.

BodIMojo teaches mindfulness-based stress management to adolescents during a sensitive phase of development for the teen brain and body.

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BodiMojo's Integrity: We are Mission Driven and Evidence-Based

A growing body of research shows that skills in mindfulness, self-compassion, cognitive-behavioral strategies and emotional regulation can help young people increase resilience to stress, reduce anxiety and improve confidence.

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